Many people nowadays wonder whether what they believe in is the ultimate truth. Whether they can rely on their feelings, inferences and instincts about the surrounding universe called their own life.

Why is it so hard for us to live a fully integrated spiritual life? To feel the ultimate wisdom around us at all times, which is like a radio wave, always present, always guiding us, but still…never visible and in many occasions – unattainable.

We constantly dwell upon the feeling of not being able to achieve enough and of not being able to find the balance between giving and really receiving the “right” amount of happiness and satisfaction in our life.

I’ll give you some food for thought by just asserting that we need to remember which is first to be followed in this life – the heart or the mind?

You might find it difficult to answer this question. It is so because most of us have completely forgotten to differentiate those two internal voices. The voice of the mind, which is the constant internal chattering about the external circumstances – the prejudices about the situations in our daily life, the judgements about the people we meet and the inferences we’ve created through experiencing the physical reality.

The echo of the heart…oh darling, this is a complex matter. Because our heart does not comprehend the world through assumptions and conclusions. There is nothing really that it feels that is based on experience or consequence. The heart is there to just fill our life with magic. Mostly this magical realm is misunderstood, avoided and even doubted of existence. And how is this not a sad fact, I ask you now, for we all know that when a new soul is presented to the world, it is not created through the rules of brain waves…but it is rather called into being by the heart – the first organ to grow into the mother’s uterus.

That is the reason why it is so hard to be authentic nowadays. Because we have all forgotten to nurture this strong heart connection. Our world is our minds’ creation. And it does not make any sense for the heart’s desires. They are in a constant battle, which turns into confusion, dissatisfaction, insufficiency of happiness.

One can never attain happiness if he seeks logic and materialism. Thus he would just persuade himself in false beliefs that will never serve him into the discovery of true happiness. For materialism is never going to satisfy the heart’s desires, it is only a crumb leftover for the mind. I know you have noticed how when you want something material the desire is greater when you don’t have it, but when you do receive it…it is now just another one of your possessions.

Our physical world must be the means through which we attain happiness and satisfaction, not the meaning itself. Money is how you receive what’s in your favor to achieve a more authentic life. Not to pile up more stuff.

Everybody on this Earth is unique, we all have an exquisite life purpose to share with the world. There are still just a few of us (maybe the ones that are reading these words) that have seen the daylight of the heart and are walking their true path. Living through the means of the heart is not easy, but it is meaningful. And this is how your experience you true self.

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