In this lifetime we die in so many ways, so many times. We are called upon the wisdom of the divine light, the spark within us that never goes out.

This oracle comes to you as a sign of that which is to come, and soon. You might feel there is something not worthy of you that must be released. It is some kind of a falsehood, a lie or deception of some sort that you have come to believe about yourself, your life or perhaps even another.

An illusion has or soon will be released, and you shall become freer, free in a way that only truth can provide.

So trust in your changing perspective and perceptions. Don’t hold on what you once believed or thought to be true. Allow yourself to be shown another version of events, another way of perceiving.

Don’t resist what is being shown to you, for even if there are some struggles in adjusting your view at first, ultimately this change in perception will free you and bring you more deeply into the wellspring of your own inner peace and happiness.

You are blessed and don’t forget that!