Obssesed with overthinking? There is a cure.


Why would it be that opportunities in our lives are given for us to find a way to follow the universal light within? Why do we need to unravel the mysteries that challenge our being to accept its own creation and existence? Why can’t we just live purposefully and without hesitation about whether we’re traveling on the right path or not?

Do you sometimes have too many thoughts and questions in your mind that create clutter and dysfunction into your everyday activities? If you can answer positively then you are just like me…you think too much.

An Indian woman was once drawing a henna artwork on my hand and as she was working on it she said…”Too many spirals emerge in this drawing, you think too much, too much…overanalysing…no need…no…”. I could even feel her disgust and judgement. It was like she was saying clearly to me that that was not the way things should be.

I had a similar experience yesterday when I visited a spiritual event on the matters of the 12 dimensional reality. The organizer was checking whether my chakras are active or closed by swinging  a beautiful quartz pendulum. All of the chakras below the third eye were open…but all of them above it-closed. He said the same thing…that I have too man thoughts and rely too much on the expectations of others.

It is my utmost priority to help you identify different ways and means you can use to detach from obsessive thinking. There is one thing above all that can be said on the matter I’d like to share today. Your obsessive thinking is related to your three-dimensional self’s mind fighting against your fifth-dimensional self’s presence on the fourth-dimensional bridge.

I know you have your mouths open, but this is the reason why you can’t move on and you are constantly dwelling between the two worlds – the world of the ego-logic, the physical reality and the world of the non-ego, the spiritual realm. And you are inevitably wandering about this bridge, being unable to cross the borders.

The three-dimensional world is mostly about the fact that we, human beings like to divide our world in three basic components – past, present and future. And most of the time we inhabit the past and the future, and somehow unintentionally forget about the existence of the present moment. The existence of the here and now, of what is, because…there are many things that have happened and that are about to happen in your and my life, but what is happening now is that I’m laying in the bed, writing this article for you…and you are reading it…Where are you? Look around, notice the colors of the walls, the vastness of the sky, is there sunlight or not, is the air fresh or not, notice your breathing, the beating of your heart, the fact that you own your body and that all of these things together, right now, as they are, create your present moment.

This is the magic of the present moment. When we come back to it, we realize that yesterday is gone, we cannot go backwards, we cannot change what we’ve said or done, our thoughts won’t change it either. So for now, just stop thinking about the past since it does not exist in the present. Move yourself into the mighty future. Maybe you have some appointments arranged, maybe what you feel is anxiousness or the opposite – calmness. Maybe you need to make a plan about those upcoming events. Well do it, but don’t forget that the future depends only on your state of being. And your state of being depends on what you choose to do about it in the present moment.

Thus you can easily prove to yourself that the here and now is all we actually have and everything else depends on arranging our time diligently and consciously so that we prepare ourselves for the future…which will then turn into past, the past will turn into a memory and some of the memories will be forgotten.

So whenever you find yourself wandering in the ghost lands…the past and the future are only filled with ghosts…come back to the present moment. Acknowledge its existence and you will immediately feel relieved. The burden of over thinking is going to lift itself up and never bother you anymore…

But if it does…focus on your breath…inhale the present moment…exhale the past and the future. Oh…so much better. Isn’t it?

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