“The Future is Now.”…and the Magic of the Oracle Cards.


That’s a famous quote from a well-known movie, The Time Machine, where the main protagonist goes into the future where the moon is collapsing all over the Earth. The protagonist goes into a museum where human kind has preserved their inventions and scientific progress. The robot is repeating this sentence: The future is now.

The movie is from 2002  and it is a masterpiece to me. I love that movie for the character’s great role playing and the stunning effects …and the ideas incorporated in this beautiful story.

I thought about this today…that the future owns what we call the unknown. You can be guided all the time, but not even realizing it. And this is where my card-reading passion comes from. Having an honest conversation with my Higher self is a game-changer to me. Well, yoga too.

So, due to lacking in perspective, we normally float around our present moment. But when I felt the sacred union with Spirit through my cards and felt connected to this Higher power, I started immediately living more in the present moment. I know many of you might say that the issues those oracle decks work with are very common in today’s society. Yes, you won’t be wrong, but gaining the wisdom about what other perspective you have into the resolution of a particular issue you might be having with a friend, lover or place.

And you might say that the cards are actually pulled randomly so it is just a coincidence, but the funny thing is that it is not. I feel the power of Spirit coming through me sometimes when I contact with the energies of other people. People open up for this guidance wholeheartedly. Everyone wants a little heads up from time to time.

And this is where I come.

So may I have an offer for you! Start doing the things that make you feel more authentic. It is about feeling quite at ease. Feeling of being home. Feeling of being more and completely in the present moment and letting everything happen without pressure. If we could do this all the time…our lives would be as they say…utopia.

Is it possible?

I guess not. I’ll be honest with you. Not in our hectic way of living. We have a practical time frame…a schedule for every single day of ours. When you were kids, you didn’t use to realize that one day you will be a busy grown-up.

But that’s not important, because that’s how things are and we cannot change it if we want to be responsible for our decisions and actions or reactions. So the cards are guiding us back to the present moment and they show us a magical perspective on things which changes our intentions, attitude and understanding concerning this part of our lives.

I think this is a beautiful connection with the spiritual world. All that we have not seen, but tasted through our pineal glance and human senses.

That’s why I reach forward and use cards as a mean to stay more in the present moment and not let my ego distract me too much from my life purpose – to help people.

What is your life purpose?