That was a fun one! I love this deck! Feel blessed to receive its guidance! ❤ ❤ ❤
44 Strength
(initially it was reversed when I drew it! So it is a protection message! I love protection messages, because they are always the things that make us rethink our situation and stir us in a new, better direction!)
Pay particular attention to your health, for this indicates that your body, mind, and spirit need strengthening at this time. Exercise, rest, and proper nutrition are necessary to keep you in balance. Don’t deplete yourself through overwork, as now is the time for building your stamina.
22 Intention
Are you clear about your intentions? This is a time to step back and gain perspective and clarity about your direction. Good intentions are being misinterpreted. Now is a time for self-evaluation and self-nurturing. You will benefit greatly if you take time out to regroup.
21 Field of dreams
Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs are always engaging the vast field of pure potential.
They create the reality you experience. Don’t forget that and create a magical reality. Believe in limitless possibility and you will see miracles unfold. Focus on your best life and lead your life from there.