Card A
Misleading illusions, Confusion

From e-mail and texting to social networking our relationships are becoming increasingly defined by virtual interaction that can distort and substitute reality.

Be careful to not fall into the illusion of a false perspective, based on the new paradigms of the present. Do not be misled by what you see around you, or be influenced by what you see. You live in a world which is a playground of illusion, full of false paths, false values and false ideals. But you are not part of that world.

Card B
Creativity, Imagination

Each day is a new canvas to paint upon. Make sure your picture is full of life and happiness, and at the end of the day you don’t look at it and wish you had painted something different.
Creativity is a spontaneous explosion of inspiration. remember that there is infinite varieties of expression and just the same number of assessment from others.

Card C
Faith, Belief

Faith must be enforced by reason. When faith becomes blind it dies.
What is your religion, what do you believe in and why? Ask yourself about your priorities and values at this time, it is important do address your needs and desires for a more authentic living. Lean on your personal experience and find the power you hold within to open the door to freedom, free from judgement, free to love. Put a question mark on your religion and assess whether it is true for you or it belongs to someone else.

Card D
Harmony, Balance, Being in Tune with Others

You won’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note.
Harmony is not achieved in isolation. It requires a resonance or participation with others linked by time, rhythm or agreement.
Adjusting our perspective and modifying our position allows us to disregard differences and move forward in tune with others. Be wary of always making adjustments for the common good. There will be occasions when you should take the lead and solo performance is also required.




Card A

It is a time in your life when the masculine energy is needed. Whether it is someone you’re inspired by or you need to reclaim your personal masculine power and influence. Think of someone that has acted with nobility and authority. Someone that can be your example and act according to his example. By being a strong man or woman and having positive connections with others, you can only benefit.

Card B

This is a time when dreams and wishes are quickly realised. Your attractiveness and personal beauty are appreciated and commented on. Throw wide open your heart and experience the joy if feeling. Beautiful emotions, loving relationships, warm friendships. Grow a new plant to act respectfully.

Card C

It is a time when you need to focus on your internal desires and wishes for your happiness. There is a light of wisdom and compassion towards everything around us that always finds a way to guide us. There is always a flashing light that ignites our bodies and makes us feel alive and living. You need to focus on your highest joys and dreams and by taking the next step towards them you will transcend spiritually and gain the wisdom necessary to move forward.

Card D

There is a phase in every life when everything else we have experienced ot accomplished isn’t enough. You need something bigger, something without comparison, something against the grain. You need an absolute change in direction, might brake some rules and surprise others’ expectations with what you are contemplating, but your innovative idea will bring much positive energy and support in the web of life.

Card E

Sometimes life excites us and sometimes it surprises us. We all have desires and dreams about a perfect life. It is not always the case and there is always something else that we want more. It is definately challenging to stay positive when things don’t go our way, but dimming our own light won’t serve us at all. Imagine your perfect life and it will manifest…partially or even fully.



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You are being given the power to act, receive help from unusual avenues and enjoy and respect every living thing. Follow the signs and act accordingly with determination.


If there is an issue at hand at this moment in you life, this card is suggesting that you might not have enough knowledge to resolve it. Turn to the experienced and wise ones for advice.

You are being called to become a student again. Be teachable, that’s the meaning of life, to learn, develop and advance.

Card C, 38 HEAL THE “OUCH”

This is a great time ti seek healing practices and guidance. You are also being called to forgive and outlive old issues, forgivness is the healer of the soul. Old connections stregthning.


It is important to maintain peace in all aspects of your life – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Take time for yourself to rebalance and empower your inner equilibrium. Listen to your body, this is how you will restore balance easily.

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Card 22


Misfit, Loner, Wanderer

You are not identifying yourself with any group at the moment. It is as if a glass separates you from others and their worlds. You don.t understand why are people interested in being valued by their appearance and latest announcements on the news. Being an outsider has its positive qualities. You have been given the opportunity to find your own way and to see the world crom a unique perspective. This will give yiu great artistic, creative and spiritual opportunities.

Card  37

Focus on the light

Your pure intention to create from you heart has attracted the light. This oracle brings assurance of success of the highest order, not just commercially, but from the heart.Magic wants to happen for you now! The synchronicity, perfect timing, opportunities will seem to be drawn right to you door. But you must stay focused. Don’t let other people’s paths distract you as you are too close to succeeding on the one you are now.

Card 42


Honour, high standarts, idealistic

You have acted with nobility – you have helped the helpless, you have protected one who was weaker, you have spoken for the voiceless! Is this you in your recent life? You have done so well and your deeds will ripple out into the world and make all the difference.

You are being asked to tune into the part of yourself that some call The Higher Self. Do the right/best thing even if it is not the most advantageous thing or the easiest.Be of service and assistance of others.

Card 29

Seeing the true you

You might have been putting too much faith in the reflections others have for you-to the point where you might not be honouring who you really are and what you are becoming, because you believe too little of yourself. Dont forget that more often the reflections are about the state of the reflector than what is being reflected. Let those external perceptions go. Can you just acknowledge yourself? Do so and be free!


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