🌙 💫 ⭐️ Cosmic Results! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 🌙 💫 ⭐️

Card 5 🌙 💫 ⭐️
The movements of the cosmos affect us deeply – body and soul. You are going through a cycle or very soon will be, by which you will be moved by forces greater than you own personal will. This is a karmic period. There will be chaos, the disorder however is the ego perspective, because its range of vision is too small, too limited to comprehend the greater workings of the planetary systems that move life towards love. Don’t try to swim against the tide of your own journey. There are changes happening and they will be out of your control. You are ready to accelerate life changes.

Card 11 🌙 💫 ⭐️
Sacred convergence indicates a coming together of souls and alignment with a greater cause. A coming together of you and like-minded souls, you will have more energy after spending time with these people. You’ll feel empowered to step forward on your path and love yourself with less conditions. This will be important for your soul development and divine awakening. A season of new life and growth is coming.

Card 9 🌙 💫 ⭐️
We only limit what we believe to be possible by our lack of imagination. The divine has recourse to all that is and all that is yet to be. The human heart knows everything envisioned can manifest according to divine timing and grace. Drop any doubt.The universe wants something to happen for you. Your mind will wonder if it is even possible. People around you may wonder the same thing. You will want it with all your soul.It holds the secret knowledge and will unveil when your mind can handle it.

Card 31 🌙 💫 ⭐️
There is a flame that must be safeguarded.It is the light that never goes out. The way forward on your path is the here and now. Don’t let fear that your desire won’t manifest cause you to try to bend life to your wall. It is an unnecessary battle, and one that will not serve your soul here. Instead, just show up! be present. Rather than letting life move us, we try to move life.




Galactic guidance was born today from the Rumi Oracle Deck.

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This deck is mainly about our life purposes and the acquisition of pure universal love.

The kind of love we need to let control off our lives and let the flow of life guide us towards our most amazing future in this physical form.

Choose the number you are most drawn to: 5, 11, 9, 31. Good luck!

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